The Money Saving Benefits of Cloud Technology

Jot down upon your list of reasons to convert to a cloud based data storage system the significant cost savings such a platform can offer your business. In addition to the ease of accessing [...]

Windows 8 Phone and OS Launch Dates Confirmed

The launch date for Windows 8 and the associated smartphones has been scheduled for October 26th for many months. However, October is about to get a whole lot busier. A confirmed [...]

2015 Set To Be The Year Of Wireless Charging

Handheld and laptop electronics continue to proliferate, and with each addition to your collection, chargers and cords add to the chaos. Wires and cables tumble and tangle making both home a [...]

Threadsy Acquired by Facebook

A social aggregator by the name of Threadsy has been acquired by Facebook as of last Friday. Threadsy was pronounced bankrupt several months ago. However, a service owned by the former comp [...]

Android 5.1: New Uses for Your Phone

Some great changes ahead for Android users. Built into the OS, the user will be able to access the quick settings button even if the phone’s lock screen is on simply by dragging down from [...]

Mobile Vice President Dumps Zynga

Zynga, a game business almost completely dependent on Facebook users, has lost yet another executive this month: the vice president of mobile services and design. Ya-Bing Chu left after qua [...]

Kodak: We’re Selling Our Film Business

The part of Kodak that has made them famous will be no more in a few weeks. Kodak, who is in the midst of bankruptcy, has decided it’s time to sell off what’s left of its film business. [...]

“Hey! You! Get Into That Cloud!”

With the rise of applications like Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Google Drive, Apple iCloud, Spideroak and the like the question for many IT departments is not whether a [...]