Most Milwaukee IT companies are aware of the growing threat of cybercrime. Some of these companies may not even realize that their systems have been compromised for months, which gives the attackers more time and opportunity to cause damage. During this period, the attackers can gain access to higher levels of authority or move across different systems and steal the data they are looking for.

According to research, cybercrime will cost $8 trillion in 2023 and $10.5 trillion by 2025. Damages might include financial and private information loss, stolen funds, intellectual property theft, deception, reduced productivity, forensic analysis, and reputational harm. Criminals don't need to be skilled hackers; all it takes are a few dollars on online tools or a careless employee activating a digital back door by pressing a link in an email to cause a data breach.

That is why if a company can't detect when a breach has happened, they're in an even worse situation. Here are seven strategies according to the best IT support Milwaukee companies to prevent cybercrime in your organization and save your company from a whole of loss.

EDUCATE AND AWARE YOUR WORKFORCE: Employees are a popular target for scammers, but with the right technology and training, they can help improve security. Your corporate culture should be centered on cyber defense and awareness, putting staff in a good position to spot and report suspicious actions. This can be accomplished by teaching them to:

Be cautious when using the internet.

Report questionable emails from unknown sources that contain hyperlinks or files.

Suspicious applications should be identified and reported.

Refrain from clicking on advertisements or links from unfamiliar sources.

Limit your use of unsecure Wi-Fi networks.

Having staff at the forefront can help you detect a breach before it becomes an issue. Employees also learn how to secure their personal data outside the office and the information of relatives and close friends. This does not mean that all staff must become cybersecurity experts. Understanding and being aware of typical traps used by attackers will help keep the organization safe.


Restricting access to your company's sensitive data decreases the possibility of human error, which has become the number one information cyber security issue. Workers must only have entry to the systems and information required to do their duties.

If an employee quits your organization or transfers to another location, take immediate precautionary measures, such as erasing passwords and profiles from every system and collecting corporate ID badges and entrance keys. Reducing the impact of a disgruntled employee, an ounce of access restriction may be worth a pound of cyber attack prevention and protection.


In the case of a power outage, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can provide you with adequate battery life and time to back up and safeguard your data. Check that the UPS specifications and dimensions satisfy the rules and needs of your firm. A UPS should be connected to every workstation and networked device. Basic surge protectors are sufficient for less-sensitive devices and non-networked equipment. Be watchful and check and upgrade each UPS and surge protector according to the manufacturer's instructions or consult a professional data recovery Milwaukee business to assist you.


Operating systems and security applications should be constantly updated. These updates address cyber security problems and assist in patching security flaws and vulnerabilities that can be misused. Firewalls should be installed, as they serve as a "gatekeeper for all incoming as well as outgoing data." It would also be beneficial for Milwaukee IT companies to enable spam filters to limit the number of spam and phishing emails received. These are popular methods used by hackers to infect computers and steal private information from corporations.


A strong password might be the difference between a safe corporation and a compromised computer. Passwords are important. Using a basic password puts your vital company and staff data at risk. Supervisors should urge all staff to use complex passwords and to update them frequently.

If you believe that setting long and difficult passwords would do more damage than good for your staff, try adopting password management software, which not only generates but also remembers reliable and safe passwords for you. However, storing all your passwords in one database might leave you at risk. It is critical to consider all of the advantages and disadvantages of each technique before selecting a safe and dependable password management program.


Keeping your firm secure from cyber attacks necessitates attentiveness and strong IT cybersecurity measures. Combining common sense with excellent practices like the ones we've outlined will help you avoid cyber attacks. Even better, these solutions are cost-effective and frequently result in less expenditure on cybersecurity since your operations are well aligned with the dangers. PC Lan is a trusted advisor that can consult, implement, and support your practice or business and help you reduce the risk of a cyber threat. Schedule a meeting with Us Now!